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Tail Mate Paint Roller
Tail Mate Paint Roller
Tail Mate Paint Roller
Tail Mate Paint Roller

Tail Mate Paint Roller

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Uniquely designed curved paint roller for easy tail painting.

TAIL-MATE™ is a great accessory to your shed.  Make tail painting easy and quick with this unique mating marker tool.  Herringbone or Rotary you will find the TAIL-MATE™ efficient and economical. 



We know there are other options out there but TAIL-MATE rollers have been tried and tested.  We have tried many similar rollers that look the same, but never found any that equal the quality that TAIL-MATE brings.  It lasts and lasts!  This roller has had proven success on a number of farms being used multiple seasons! 

Use with GEA FIL Detail Paint and rinse in a bucket of water after use. 

If it goes hard on you don't fret!  Put it in a bucket of warm water to soak for a bit and it washes clean and springs back into action!

Save yourself time, money and breakages. 

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