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Antahi Refractometer Brix
Antahi Refractometer Brix
Antahi Refractometer Brix

Antahi Refractometer Brix

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A Brix refractometer can be used to measure IgG in colostrum. The scale in a Brix refractometer is designed to measure the amount of sucrose in a solution, but Brix values can be related to IgG in colostrum. A Brix value of 22% corresponds to 50 mg/mL, meaning colostrum with a Brix value above this cut off point can be considered high quality colostrum.

Top tips while measuring colostrum quality:
– Refractometer should be kept free from any visual dirt
– Calibrate the refractometer using distilled water before each use
– Hold the refractometer up to natural light while looking down on the eye piece
– Always wipe the slide and glass surface clean with a soft cloth after each reading

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